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General Advice[edit | edit source]

Unlocking Extra Ops[edit | edit source]

Some Extra Ops are only unlocked/activated upon clearing other ops. To unlock them all as quickly as possible, play them in this order:

  • 14, 22, 67: Date with Paz
  • 65, 87, 111: Clear with an S rank to get the M47, one of the best rocket launchers in the game.
  • 45, 46 Good mission to recruit one S rank Mess Hall and other B level Mess Hall and Medical Team, and one A level R&D Team staff.
  • 102, 47, 48, 91, 49 Best mission to recruit A rank R&D staff; also one of the soldiers has a "Japanese Patriot" skill, needed for the Divine Wind trophy.
  • 113, 115, 117, 119, 68 : Complete Extra Op 119 (Peace Walker Custom) to unlock Extra Op 68: Date with Kaz (Complete 119 with S-rank to unlock Infinity Bandana).
  • 17, 29, 121-128 Monster Hunter missions. After listening to Chico's briefing files regarding the Isla del Monstruo (you may have to listen to all his briefing files, actually), choose Snake as the player character in mission 29 and after you destroy the box head to the beach so you meet Trenya the Felyne (the talking cat) on the docks. Defeating the monsters can grant special weapons and items that cannot be found anywhere else.
  • After Zeke has been lauched and all Zadornov missions have been completed, play Extra Op 001 as Snake. Right at the beginning, you should hear a laugh. Go up the stairs on the right of the shooting range. After the cut-scene you should have unlocked the final Main Op and some Extra Ops.

Precise Unlocking[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of the exact series of unlocking all the Extra Ops:

14 > 22 > 67 > 103 > 32 > Main Ops Zadornov Search Mission 1 > 15 > 8 > 56 > 90 > 76 > 42 > Main Ops Zadornov Search Mission 2 > 19 > 95 > 39 > 35 > 106 > 112 > Main Ops Zadornov Search Mission 3 > 16 > 33 > 71 > 21 > 93 > 86 > Main Ops Zadornov Search Mission 4 > 63 > 74 > 57 > 59 > 84 > 40 > 82 > 114 > Main Ops Zadornov Search Mission 5 > 60 > 78 > 36 > 108 > 34 > 99 > 116 > Main Ops Zadornov Search Mission 6 > 17 > 101 > 110 > 43 > 97 > 118 > Main Ops Zeke Battle > 23 > 24 > 105 > 25 > 70 > 26 > 27 > 94 > 44 > 41 > 77 > 20 > 89 > 55 > 79 > 9 > 66 > 73 > 107 > 58 > 61 > 92 > 62 > 100 > 64 > 65 > 87 > 111 > 45 > 46 > 102 > 47 > 48 > 91 > 49 > 75 > 50 > 83 > 37 > 98 > 104 > 72 > 85 > 109 > 96 > 81 > 113 > 115 > 117 > 119 > 68 > 120 (from now on, 121 to 128 are all Monster Missions)

At some point if you beat all the extra ops and no more will unlocked. You then need to start collecting ZEKE parts once you have your whole Zeke complete do an ops misson. then go do extra ops 1 as snake. go upstairs and you will find ZADORNOV.. then you'll unlock a main misson fighting your own Metal Gear once complete you'll unlock the rest of the extra ops missons.

Vehicle Missions[edit | edit source]

EXOPS 69 through 111 are vehicle missions. The object is to neutralize the vehicles, and optionally the crew. Please note however, that just as in the rest of EXOPS, killing anyone or using the Stealth Camo will not allow an S rank. You can, however, be spotted. If you are aiming only for completion, you can just destroy the vehicles with the weapons of your choice. The opportunity present in these missions is to capture the vehicles, which can be used in Outer Ops, by disabling the pilot/captain of the vehicle. The pilot will then be visible, and thus vulnerable to be killed/knocked out. This can be done one of three ways:

1. Disabling all soldiers WITHOUT BEING SPOTTED.

This is the least risky way, but possibly the most time consuming, depending on the player's skill. Tranquilizing or killing the enemy without being spotted will force out the pilot. If the player is spotted, the mission proceeds as outlined in scenario #2 below.

2. Disabling all soldiers WHILE SPOTTED

Same as #1, but the pilot will not come out on his own, you must physically damage the vehicle (as much as 15% to 50% depending on difficulty) to force the pilot out after disabling all soldiers.

3. EM Net

This is an easy method when you are not facing a custom vehicle (unless there are 4 ORGANIZED players). First you throw a marker that looks just like a strike marker, which will drop 4 little devices around the area it was deployed in, and when the vehicle passes between the 4 devices, they will cause an EM interference and the vehicle will stop for a few seconds in which you'll have to activate the 4 devices (press the action button near of them). Once you do that you'll capture the vehicle AND the pilot. You can recover the vehicle without tranquilizing or killing anyone (it is recommended you tranquilize the first batch of escorts) howerever, you'll immediately lose any possibility of getting S rank if you CAPTURE the vehicle using the EM net.

While facing a custom vehicle, you'll need at least 2 players, as the vehicle will stop for 1 or 2 seconds, making it impossible for just one player to activate them all.

Note: You CANNOT capture helicopters using the EM net.

The Smoke Grenade Trick[edit | edit source]

A tactic that can be used in all of the vehicle battle ops involves the use of Smoke Grenades, the NVG and Fulton Mines. To S-rank the vehicle ops you need to first neutralize its escorts (non-lethally). A quick and easy way to do this is to toss a smoke grenade at them when they are close together. This will cause them to stop for a while. While they are blind, equip the NVG and sneak into their midst. Then plant a Fulton Mine and retreat out of its range. Finally, detonate the mine by firing a round from a suppressed weapon into it.

If you have more than 20 soldiers to deal with, you can alter this tactic slightly by holding them up and then using the Fulton balloon to recover them. It is recommended to use the Fulton Mines first and then move on to using the Fulton Balloons, because there is more chance that you will make a mistake and be spotted when trying to hold up the enemy.

Dealing with 36 Soldiers[edit | edit source]

If you have the Rank 5 Fulton System and the Fulton Mine you can extract 13 + (5 x 4) = 33 vehicle escorts. If the vehicle had 36 escorts this means you have the problem of how to deal with the remaining three. If you just want to complete the op you can kill them with a silenced lethal firearm or C4 (triggered from a concealed position). However if you want to gain the S rank things are a little more tricky.

One option is to hold soldiers up in an area where the vehicle will run them over. This is possible in some ops, but not others. However it is the safest option and should be used if possible. You can also flip soldiers under the moving vehicle to kill them instantly - on missions where you do not want to keep the soldiers you recover with Fulton, you can hold-up three and flip the fourth under the vehicle.

Another option is to wait until you've got the Fulton Launcher. This weapon makes noise and can cause you to be spotted, so fire it from a concealed position. At low ranks its splash damage radius is not large, so you may have to fire more than one round in order to extract a group of four escorts.

A good tip is to the first time through kill everyone, so you learn the spawn areas and where the mech will go, and area it cant get to, this is vital for custom mechs. However, the spawns don't change on each map, so the knowledge carries over from mission to mission.

Confidential Documents:

It is easy to deal with this if you have a soldier that can view all items in the map (Channeler skill), allowing an easier S Rank.

Alternate Method for S-Ranking Helicopter Missions[edit | edit source]

If you have developed the PTRS1941 anti-material rifle, then the below steps will almost always result in an S-Rank on any helicopter battle. S-Ranking Extra Op 49 will provide the design spec for the rifle.

  1. Prepare for the mission by equipping the following:
    • Battle dress uniform (with helmet, if you have it)
    • A hold-up weapon
    • The PTRS1941 rifle
    • A tranquilizer gun (the Mk22 can pull double-duty here)
    • Smoke grenades
    • Rations and curries
    • Night vision goggles
    • Supply markers
  2. As soon as the mission starts, utilize smoke grenades and night vision goggles to provide cover for yourself, and proceed to hold-up (but not Fulton recover) the first set of 4 infantry.
    • Infantry that have been held up will remain prone indefinitely, even when the helicopter begins an alert, provided that they do not take damage.
    • It is preferable to hold them up in an area that is far enough away from the position that you will engage the helicopter from, such that splash damage from missiles does not kill any infantry, and cause replacements to spawn.
  3. Shoot the canopy of the helicopter with the PTRS1941, to remove 2 bars (20%) of its health.
    • At this point, it is expected that the helicopter will spot you, and start returning fire. Remember to equip your rations, and be sure to make good use of cover.
    • Depending on your accuracy, as well as which helicopter it is, breaking the canopy may take anywhere between 10 and ~40 shots.
  4. Once the canopy breaks, the pilot will be exposed. Put them to sleep with your tranquilliser gun, and the mission will be complete.

Extra Op Guides and Tips[edit | edit source]

[001] Target Practice: No Limit[edit | edit source]

All is self-explanatory here, invite up to four buddies. (Mission not ranked.)

Go to Right Upstairs To Get The T-SHIRT

[002] Target Practice: No Limit[edit | edit source]

Same as [001], but located in the Kill House training course. (Mission not ranked.)

[003] Target Practice: Score Attack[edit | edit source]

Prepare a character with the M16A1, RK-47, or FAL. Launch the mission. This mission will likely require multiple retries throughout your campaign before you've honed the timing of the targets and your own aim ability (without aim assist). It makes for great practice however, and only becomes easier as you rank up rifles in both the R&D lab and on the field. Strive for 22,500 points for the S rank.

[004] Target Practice: Time Attack[edit | edit source]

Strive for hitting every target in the head; keep replaying the mission until you memorize target locations. You have to finish in under 2:30 with a score of more than 10,000 for the S rank.

[005] Marksmanship Challenge[edit | edit source]

Marksmanship challenges are all about hitting every target in the head. You may literally run up to every target point-blank in this challenge and as long as all shots made were headshots, complete the challenge with time to spare. Play through once or twice to learn target locations, then reset the mission to go for real. 1:30s or less and 6,000 points for S rank.

[006] Marksmanship Challenge[edit | edit source]

More taxing than mission [005], this time you have more targets and have to proceed hastily. Set your aim in the general location of your target's head, then gently nudge the reticule into the best shot. Crouch to get boathouse targets, roll from the roof to decrease exit time. 1:20s or less and 7,600 points for S rank. Try using the FAL with laser sight if you have trouble aiming.

[007] Marksmanship Challenge[edit | edit source]

Two minutes, sixteen targets, and they're all in one long, curving line. A bit harder than [006]. Learn the locations of your targets, then go for S rank.

You need 7500 pts (15/16 headshots) and 1:57 to get S-Rank, so if you miss two headshots, you will need to start over.

[008]: Marksmanship Challenge[edit | edit source]

Please note the number of targets listed is totally incorrect, added up they come to 24, not the 32 the mission requires. This mission is focused on mid-range so any weapon is fine. There are a total of 32 targets to be hit.

  • The first 2 targets will be visible for you. Move a little more forward to see the 2 moving targets.
  • Then face left to see a moving target. Don't worry, because it only moves forward and backward.
  • The next two targets are right beside the cart with an explosive barrel.
  • After clearing those, look right to hit 3 targets.
  • After that go down, and move forward as you aim the 2 moving targets. Look to your left after passing through to see some targets. They're twisting so be careful if you're aiming for a S-rank.
  • After you're done with them, go up the ladder to see 3 targets.
  • After hitting all of them, you'll see 7 targets above the 3 targets.
  • After that, look to your right to see 4 targets.

And lastly, proceed to the Fulton Recovery Point. 2:16 and 15,600 points for an S rank.

[009]: Marksmanship Challenge[edit | edit source]

Tons of moving targets. You start on a roof and must hit each target in order so the next one appears. Must finish approximately 1:25 and get 19 headshots for 9,600 points (or 1:46 and 20 headshots) which will earn you an S rank. Very hard. Use FAL with laser sight if you have trouble.

[010] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

Beginners, select Mission Prep and switch from Snake to one of your Combat Unit soldiers. Remove all items but the Fulton System. Equip the Mk.22 and Empty Mag. for emergency. Break past the compound fence, head directly left and straight forward. Stay crouched, tranquilize the guard over the prisoner, extract him and begin heading to the staircase due right. Enter the extraction square. This can literally take about 30s if you're focused. If you're spotted, tranq the witness or throw a magazine behind them. Completion awards the Solid Magazine (Book) Rank 1.

[011] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

Recover all enemy soldiers. Recommended items are the MK.22, the Analyser, and the Surround indicator. Fulton ballons required. (Tanegashima Prefered) A mission less difficult than making cold cereal, this recovery should be your go-to choice early in the game when you need easy recruits fast. If you position yourself properly, you can get the man in the tower and the two directly below you without leaving the boat house. The third ground man is often behind something, so you have to go get him if you can not get a clear shot. This mission can take less than two minutes if you do it properly. You have six. Go nuts. Note that there is a POW in the building near the watch tower. 

[012] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

Recover the POW. Recommended items are the MK.22, the Analyser, and the Surround indicator. Fulton ballons required. More of the same, you have four basic enemies to knock out, all of whom should be rank E soldiers, but this time, there is one rank D POW, and getting him out is your goal here. You have five minutes to KO the guards and airlift the POW, which should be more than enough time to pick up all five.

For the easy S rank as the mission starts run left through the alley (just ignore the guard to the right) and directly to the truck, the guard near the truck might spot you, use CQC and hold him up before he triggers the alarm (he won't spot you if you run to him from the left side of the street, that way you can skip the CQC part, hold him up and finish the mission in around 19 sec). POW is near the truck, extract him and run back, extraction point will appear in the middle of the street.

This mission is perfect if you need to skip some time in the game (i.e. to quickly develop something later in the game or to complete outer ops) since one run takes about 25 seconds.

[013] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

Finish in under 1 minute for an S rank (I got it for 50 secs). The prisoner is in a building at the far end of the map (the area behind the wire fence to the left). Tranquilize all soldiers and recover the POW with Fulton to complete the mission.

[014] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

All about speed. Equip the empty magazines and throw them to distract soldiers until you can get close enough to CQC (and always aim for a wall). Both soldiers on the bridge will need to be dealt with, only distract/CQC the soldier to the left of the truck in area two. In the fort area, climb the low wall on the left, distract/CQC the guard at the ladder. 2:15 will earn you an S rank, though the exact maximum time may be a few seconds higher.

In Fuerte La Ladera, a well placed Sleep grenade can be used in place of distraction and CQC, knocking out both guards at once.

When you reach the prisoner on top of the wall, walk behind the bombs to avoid triggering them.

It is apparently acceptable to trigger one mine and still achieve an S rank.

[015] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

This one is a bit tricky, because the target, a researcher, has disguised himself as an enemy soldier. You get penalized for recovering anyone other than the target (and for triggering an alert). You can identify the researcher by the fact that he's holding a banana in his hand. This is also a good mission to farm B rank intel soldiers.

[016] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

The prisoner is found at the Mill in a small room, he's a high ranking R&D soldier, normally B-Rank. Also, the soldier on the second floor of the mill is a B-Rank Intel soldier. Complete in 2:37 with no alerts or caution phases for S rank. Suggested equipment is Sneaking suit and Hush puppy. The PM design specs are obtainable in the second map.

[017] Fulton Recovery[edit | edit source]

Your task is to Fulton Recover 11 enemy scouts in the Cloud Forest of Central Heredia. This is a timed mission: the limit is 16 minutes. It's night, so take your NVG and Soliton Radar (or substitute). There are four maps and the following number of scouts in each:

  • Selva de la Leche: Jungle (Two)
  • Selva de la Leche: Hillside (Three)
  • Selva de la Muerte: Bottom of Cliff (Two)
  • Selva de la Muerte: Top of Cliff (Four)

To get S you need 3:57. Use sneaking suit so you can run and hold up, and if you have to, use someone that can run faster than Snake. Usually the girls can. Running when you can is the key. I also get mk22 headshots on the guys laying down to save going around them. Using this method you can easily get around 3:15.

When reaching the top of the cliff, two snipers are positioned so it's near impossible to hit one without alerting the other, a way around this is to first take out the two men hiding behind the tree and ruin, then use smoke grenades to make your way up to the staircase so you can fulton them from behind. Using this tactic I could do it in 3:13 with Snake and achieve an S rank.

[018] Target Demolition[edit | edit source]

Destroy the big yellow box. Recommended items are the MK.22, and the surround indicator. C-4 Required. The same four guys from mission [011] are here, and this time, they are all rank D. That means they wear funny hats. You start out behind the guard tower, and you can see the object if you take two steps right. There's one man by the tower you start out behind, one by the turret, one guarding the box, and one behind the wood. You have five minutes again. more than enough time to drag all the bad guys to the lake and throw them in. Complete the Op with no alerts in around a minute for an S rank. [1:04 and even 1:14 acceptable for S rank as well]

[019] Target Demolition[edit | edit source]

The enemy supplies are in the coffee factory. Watch out for the guard in the tower near the factory gate. Once the supplies are blown go back: the goal is in the road behind the truck. Complete it in around a minute with no alerts for an S rank. [1:14, 1:34 and even 1:41 also acceptable for S-Rank]

[020] Target Demolition[edit | edit source]

S-Rank Reward:  C96 Design Specs.

Take your Mk-22 and a non-tranq firearm or Chaff Grenades for the Kidnapper, as well as the obligatory C4. There are four soldiers and one kidnapper to avoid or neutralize. There are two soldiers in the first area: one on the level that you have spawned on, and one on a walkway above. When you drop down into the trench you'll encounter a kidnapper and a soldier.

It doesn't appear possible to sneak past the kidnapper fast enough to get an S rank, so strongly consider destroying it or tossing some Chaff Grenades. Climb the ladder to the next area to find the last soldier guarding the enemy supplies.

The key to getting an S rank is to avoid killing the soldier guarding the supplies. If you tranquilize, knock out or hold him up he will be killed by the C4 blast, so you have to lure him away before neutralizing him. Alternately, you can Fulton him out. Complete the mission within two minutes (or 2:24), and you should get S rank.

[021] Cargo Truck Demolition[edit | edit source]

Using Snake (because of his A-Rank Shooting ability that helps to reduce recoil) and the M1928A1 Rank 3 early in the game, this mission was a breeze.  S-Rank was obtained in 2:11 (Though it has been accomplished with S rank in 2:37) on the first playthrough, so you definitely do not need anything better.  I also had an M60 Rank 1 and it was just as effective.  I also only used up two of the exploding barrels since the machine gun was so effective.

Aim for the engines as soon as you see the trucks.  You can also hit the barrels when trucks are near them to take them out. If one truck explodes right next to another, the other truck will explode as well.

Destroying all the trucks within the time limit should net you an S-Rank.

[022] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers[edit | edit source]

For this mission, you MUST use non-lethal means to eliminate the soldiers, and clear the map in 2:20 for an S-rank. Suggested loadout is sneaking suit, hush-puppy and the mosin nagant. (Stun Grenade document found on the ground floor of the Mill.)

[023] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Aim to get 2:30 and NO kills for an S rank. Set in the Los Cantos area of Volcán Irazú. Eliminate 10 soldiers (non-lethal methods are acceptable) in under 7 minutes. There are enemies who will snipe at you from the right side of the map (off the bridge, in an inaccessible area). There are five enemies in the first map and five in the next. In the first map there are three on the bridge and two in the sniper area. The Design Specs for the M16A1 with Shotgun are obtainable in this Op, on the lower level of the bridge. When you descend the stairs to the lower level, turn around and find them on your left.

[024] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Your task is to eliminate 15 enemy solders. You spawn on top of the fort wall at Fuerte La Ladera. The soldiers will come in three waves.

The first wave approach from the road behind the truck. Use your Mk.22 and/or Mosin-Nagant to take them out. Put two rounds each into them at least.

While you wait for them to disappear, run down to the cave entrance inside the fort. Wait for the next wave (six soldiers) to come out. Chain-CQC them.

The tranquilized enemies will have blue skulls over them; don't worry, it wont count as lethal kills. While they are 'dying' run back up and over the wall to the road with the truck.

The last wave (six soldiers) will appear on that road. Chain CQC them, then climb back up the ladder to the top of the fort wall to the recovery zone.

[025] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Unlocked by completing Extra Op 105. More difficult than the previous missions because the Ghillied-up scouts move around very fast, and don't seem to stay still very often so if you have a Twin Barrel Shotgun (Rubber Slug) use it. There are two in each map. Endeavour to complete in 3:02 for an S rank.

[026] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Unlocked by completing Extra Op 70. More difficult than Extra Op 25, as the enemy can see you even if you're using Stealth Camo! Your mission is to eliminate 21 enemy soldiers in six minutes.

There is an S Level Medical Prisoner. Get around 4:30 for an S rank.

[027] Eliminate Enemy Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Unlocked by completing Extra Op 26. Set at night in the Small Maintenance Dock of the U.S. Missile Base in Nicaragua. There are five soldiers and you have five minutes. There is a 30 second penalty for triggering an alert.

S rank unlock-Sleep Gas Grenade RANK 1. Use the Mk. 22 and Sneaking Suit to clear it in 45 seconds for an S rank. I don't know the cutoff time, but 1:30 obtained an A rank.

[028] Item Capture[edit | edit source]

Recomended items are the MK.22, the Surround indicator, and your favorite peace maker in case you get in trouble. C-4 required. The same as a demolition mission, Only this time, bits pop out of the explosion and you've gotta pick them up. Four rank D bad guys and two rank E's. Five minute time limit, but by now that should seem excessive to you. 1:34 nets an S-rank; 1:56 gives an A-rank. Attempt to complete in 1:45 or less for the S-rank.

[029] Item Capture[edit | edit source]

Set in Bosque del Alba. Your mission is to use C4 to blow up a box and retrieve the items released. There are three soldiers: one almost in front of you and to the left as you spawn, and two guarding the box. The key to getting an S rank is to avoid killing the soldiers guarding the box when you blow it up. So bring a magazine and lure them away from it before neutralizing them. Or you can just shoot them with the Mk22 and then Fulton them away quickly. Complete it in under 1 minute for an S rank.

[030] Classified Document Retrieval[edit | edit source]

Pick up all the pieces of paper, stop littering. Recommended items are the MK.22, the Surround indicator, your favorite boomstick, and the Fulton balloons. You have Five pieces of paper to pick up, and they are all over the place. One is right near where you start, in between a the thinds that look un-nessasary but are good cover, one is near the South-west corner of the building, on the outside, Two are behind the gernadable gate, and two are in the east most area of the map. Four D and two E enemys, all of whom wear no hats. You've got eight minutes if my description isn't good enough, so time is no issue, and you can always go for that A/S Rank on the second try.

[031] Classified Document Retrieval[edit | edit source]

Set at the Miners' Residence. Your mission is to retrieve five documents. The first four are fairly easy to find: they're inside the first four buildings that you encounter. The fifth is more difficult. It's on a roof that you can only get to by rolling. Climb a ladder near where you encounter the last two guards. You should be able to see the document on the next roof. Rolling across is tricky: you have to time a light tap on the Square button exactly right, or you'll end up jumping back down to ground level.

[032] Classified Document Retrieval[edit | edit source]

Extra Ops 032

This is a timed mission. You need to recover six Confidential Documents. You spawn in Camino de Lava: Hillside. Hug the right side of the map and you will come across the first CD: the EZ Gun (LR) Design Specs. On the next map, Camino de Lava: Junction, the second CD is against the left side of the map. The third CD is in the Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Entrance directly in front of the break in the chain fence at the start of the map. The fourth is in the crook of the wall as you turn right BEFORE the hill, hidden in the grass. The fifth is in the gap between the buildings to the left just BEFORE you enter the Mill. The sixth is in the Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill on the ground floor north of where you enter. In the mill where the last document is, you'll find the specs for a Desert Auscam camo. Aim for 2:59 for an S rank.

[033] Claymore Disarmament[edit | edit source]

There are eight claymores to locate and disarm. Use Night Vision Goggles or the Soliton Radar to easily locate the Claymores. To disarm a Claymore approach it from behind while crouching, and tap the action button. Aim for a time around 2:30 for an S rank.

[034] Claymore Disarmament[edit | edit source]

This is a timed mission of five minutes. There are eight claymores to disarm. Completed in 1:34 for an S rank, but of course the cut-off time may be higher.

[035] Hold Up[edit | edit source]

Set in the Bosque del Alba and Puerta del Alba areas. Hold up seven enemies. There's three in the first area and four in the second. Complete in 1:45 for S rank. Reward for completion is banana design specs.

[036] Hold Up[edit | edit source]

Set at the Sorting Shed in the Bananal Fruta de Oro. Hold up six enemies.

Get a time of 1:50 or less for an S rank.

[037] Hold Up[edit | edit source]

Hold up all nine enemies in the Underground Passage of the Mine Base. I completed this op in 1:56 and got the S rank. S Rank Reward is MP5SD2 Design Specs Rank 5.

[038] Base Defense[edit | edit source]

Almost a rails type mission. You can move around, but it's best not to.

If you don't mind killing people, take your M16A1 and an additional weapon, because unless you're a particularly good shot you'll run out of ammo. A shotgun is highly recommended.

For a no-kill completion, bring a Twin Barrel Shotgun with Rubber Bullets (one hit knockdowns at Rank 4) and a Mk.22.

Basically, 40 soldiers will charge head-on into your gunfire along a narrow walkway. One enemy will snipe at you from the upper right side at the start, while some enemies may shoot at you from the side. Remain calm, remember to reload in pauses, and all will be well.

Standing on the left hand side of the walkway you can set up to pick soldiers off with headshots since they'll run through the same path each time. Soldiers with helmets can be incapacitated by CQC-ing them into the railing. Mk.22 ammo can be recovered with the first frisk of downed soldiers during pauses between waves. If a soldier passes you, shooting their butt with the Mk.22 will also cause an instant knockout. Use non-lethal force for an S-rank.

Reward: Design Specs for RPG7 Rank 2

[039]: Base Defense[edit | edit source]

Defend several bases at the Sorting Shed. The usual deal: if a soldier occupies a base for a period of time they will have "captured" it. Use non-lethal weapons, do not allow any bases to be captured and get a time of 3:00 or 3:48 for an S rank.

[040]: Base Defense[edit | edit source]

This is just a king of the hill type mission. For the easiest time of it, just place yourself in the base situated in the corner with a view of both remaining bases. Take out the enemies as they jump off the ledge on the opposite side of the map, taking time to check the other bases to make sure no enemies have snuck by. Let no bases be captured, have no kills and get a time of 3:25 for an S rank.

A good load-out is the Battle Dress with Helmet, the Mosin-Nagant and the Twin-Barrel with Rubber Slugs plus the MK22.

[041] Base Defense[edit | edit source]

Set in Aldea Los Despiertos. Defend three bases against 20 attackers. As before, let no bases be captured, make no kills and get a time of 3:15 for an S rank.

A good strategy is to stand on the stairs and look around so you don't lose sight of the bases, this way they won't sneak in and catch you off guard.

Enemies come two at a time, making the double barrel rubber shotgun ideal for this mission.

[042] POW Defense[edit | edit source]

You must defend a POW against 30 attackers, coming at you from two directions (diametrically opposed). Good weapons are an assault rifle and shotgun like SUG and CAW or SPAS-12. Good equipment include claymores.

At the start you should set claymores in front of both doors and use the rest of your mines around the wider area. You can knock out the POW so you can crouch on him to give him more protection but it can make it harder to protect him.

Any Defense op becomes a lot easier if you use the twin barrel shotgun with rubber bullets. It's generous aim and strong stun makes taking waves of enemies out non-lethally a breeze. You can take out multiple enemies with one shot by lining them up.

No Fulton Recovery allowed.

Have no kills, do not allow the POW to be killed and complete this in 4:43 or 5:30 for S rank.

[043] Defend Key Supplies[edit | edit source]

A fairly easy mission. You have three boxes of supplies to defend against 20 enemy attackers. The enemy will attack the boxes, and only rarely attack you. It's worth doing this Op as soon as you can, because the reward is an Armor-Piercing M60.

Move forward slightly from the spawn point so you can cover both points of entry of the enemy. One is in front of you, the other is behind: the ladder. Sometimes the soldiers will fire upon the crate from the top of the ladder, so don't wait for them to come down. The exfiltration point is up the ladder and out the door to the left.

You have to be particularly vigilant about the box in the small room; enemies can sneak in while you are distracted with the other boxes.

Get no kills and lose no crates with a time of 3:23 for the S rank.

[044]: Defend Key Supplies[edit | edit source]

This time the supplies are on two different levels and there are more soldiers than before. The boxes have more health too, though, which makes up for it.

A good strategy is to stay upstairs and watch the downstairs boxes by shooting through the floor. You have to be fast for this to work.

This one is kind of difficult. I suggest camping over by the supplies to the right. They have only one side that enemies can really attack from. Just be sure to keep an eye on the upper level and the doorway towards the other crate. You can shoot the enemies on the upper floor through the mesh floor so don't worry about going up there. You unlock the MG3 (Armor Piercing) design specs from completing this.

There is an A rank Medical POW to the north of your northernmost box of supplies.

A time of 4:19 with no kills or crates destroyed gave me an S-rank.I suggest using the Twin Barrel Shotgun (Rubber Slug) because its a guarantee knock down with one shot.

[045]: Perfect Stealth[edit | edit source]

Set at Puerto Del Alba. Just ignore the guards where you can. Use a tranq gun to take out ones you can't avoid. Completed in 00:54 for an S rank, but of course actual cut-off time may be longer, 1:09 is acceptable for S too.

[046] Perfect Stealth[edit | edit source]

A long mission, involving several maps (from Camino de Lava: Hillside through to the Crater Base) and many enemies to slip past (or hold up, or tranquilize). 3:34 is good enough for an S rank. 3:50 is apparently NOT good enough. A few tips in general:

  • This is a good mission for recruiting high-ranked soldiers. Use your Analyser to select the ones you need, or use the guide below. Unfortunately, the ranks of the soldiers appear to be random. A few are always the same, but the others vary (perhaps depending on the development of the player character?)


  • Camino de Lava: Hillside There are two soldiers, one is an S rank Mess Hall staff (the one further away from you). This is always the same.
    • Camino de Lava: Junction There are two soldiers that are accessible. There is a third, but he is a sniper and inaccessible unless you have the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher. If you have one of those, recruit him: he's often a S rank Intel staff
    • Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Entrance There is no need to encounter soldiers in this map. However the second soldier you encounter is sometimes a B rank Medical staff. The third is sometimes A rank R&D staff. Be careful entering the mill: there are two soldiers patrolling the walkways above you. Smoke grenades can distract them long enough for you to sneak past.
    • Cafetal Aroma Encantado: Mill Again, there is no need to enter this map unless you want to recruit soldiers. The second soldier upstairs is a sometimes a B rank Combat staff. There is also an M16/STG development document on the first floor.
    • Aldea los Despiertos: Four soldiers. The one patrolling the back street that leads to the exit is a B rank Mess Hall staff. The one you see as soon as you go into the area is a B rank R&D staff. Sometimes the soldier patrolling the back street is C rank.
    • Los Cantos: Canyon) Three soldiers. The one on the top level is a B rank Mess Hall staff. Sometimes a C rank. The second one on the lower level is A rank Medical staff.
    • Los Cantos: Ridge Three soldiers, the first one is B rank Combat staff. I'm doing this mission a lot, and one of the other times, it was C rank Combat. For some soldiers, this guide doesn't work. Sigh...
    • Fuerte la Ladera Four soldiers. The first on the top of fort wall wall is B rank Mess Hall staff; the second is A ranked Medical staff.

If you haven't already noticed, they're not the same all the time. Bottom line: use your Analyzer.

On the wall, there's a ladder (NOT the stairs to the other side; somewhere beside them). Go down the latter, and on the far side, next to the wall, there's the M1C (PR) Design Specs. (PR = Psyche Recovery.)

  • If you're not recruiting, don't go to the coffee factory. Turn left before the chain link fence to go to the area where Chico was held prisoner (Aldea los Despiertos).
  • Beware of climbing the ladder to the top of the fort wall in the last map (Fuerte la Ladera). The guard patrolling below the wall can spot you as you climb, to be sure to neutralize or distract him first.

[047] Perfect Stealth[edit | edit source]

Make your way through the Cloud Forest, starting in Selva de la Leche: Jungle. Climb over the raised platform and use the Mk.22 on the B rank Intel soldier behind the tree. Ignore his opposite and head over to the next raised platform, where another B rank Intel soldier is waiting behind another tree.

Moving onto the Hillside, pass the nearest two guards facing each other until you find yet another B rank Intel soldier guarding the M653G Design Specs.

There is nothing in the Catarata de le Muerte, so leave the Hillside area via the eastern exit for a shortcut to the Bottom of the Cliff. There is an A rank Intel sniper before the western stairway on the left side of the map. Ignore the other sniper and continue up to the Top of the Cliff.

At the Top, there is one more B rank Intel soldier to the east. All the rest are C rank, but there are some more M653 Design Specs alongside the north wall.

In the Ruinas de Xochiquetzal, there is a helmeted B rank R&D soldier at the entrance. If you bring a Love Box, you can use it to hop the western wall to save some extra time, as the only other enemy worth recovering is the B rank Combat soldier guarding the goal to the north.

3:05 was acceptable for an S rank.

[048] Perfect Stealth[edit | edit source]

Set in the US Missile Base in Nicaragua. 3:38 or 4:07 is acceptable for a S rank, and you obtain the G11 Design Specs Rank 5.

Loadout with the Sneaking Suit and Hush Puppy - having high rank and level will be beneficial but not necessary. The Soliton Radar is recommended, but again not absolutely essential. Packing some Chaff Grenade helps, too.

You will start at the usual spot for the missile base - there are two heavies in front of you, one directly ahead and one at the right of the raised platform. Run ahead and hold up the ground level guy; quickly get under the overhead walkway without veering left too much - the guard above will turn around soon and spot you if you hesitate, while if you run too far left you enter his line of sight.

Follow the obvious path around to the right and you'll come to the the passage below ground level. There is a kidnapper patrolling here. It starts off at ground level, but soon descends to check the passage - it seems impossible to get there quick enough to slip by before it drops and spots you, so the go-to straregy here is to wait in the alcove just off to the left once you're below-ground. The kidnapper comes right up to you, ascends to shoulder height, and then to ground level - this is when you can run on. If you've got the soliton radar equipped, note that the kidnapper disappears for an instant then reappears on the radar when going to shoulder height - it can still see you so don't jump out just yet. Otherwise if you're not the patient/ good timing type, you can lob a Chaff Grenade and quickly sneak past the kidnapper while it's jammed; usually it'll be in the passage when the chaff grenade blows. Even if the kidnapper enters Caution Mode, it'll generally keep it to itself and not send any enemy back-ups your way.

Clear the passage, and go left around the obstacle at the corner - there is a guard just above you on the far wall and you'll enter his line of sight if you go around to the right. Climb the ladder, hug the object just to your right at the top and wait for the guard to come up to you - he stops beside you with you just out of his line of sight. Surprise him with a CQC-throw to the ground and hold him up.

If you've been fast in doing this, you can head for the northwest corner to slip past the other guard. You'll want to hold him up, which shouldn't be too hard from this position - your approach is from the north and he alternates between facing south and east. Continue to the northeast to get to the next area (Small Maintenance Dock).

Another alternative is just tranq the guard above you as soon as you clear the passage and the kidnapper, climb the ladder, and tranq the other guard, and just dash to the elevator.

You enter this area at the southeast at ground level, and your goal is along the western wall above ground. There are three guards at ground level and one kidnapper above ground who seems to double between patrolling the central platform and the higher platforms - crouch when moving about above ground level and avoid the central platform and it won't see you.

The first guard is due north of you - hit him with a tranq round and climb the ladder just in front of you before he can see you. The second guard is walking around a crate at the NW corner at ground level - tranq him, and the third guard, in the center, and descend the stairs at the northern end of this raised walkway.

By the time you've done this, the first and second guard should be asleep. Head along the north wall to the NW corner and sleeping guard #2.

The third will spot the first sleeping around now, head east to kick him awake, and you can slip by along the west wall, climb the stairs and sprint for the next area (Rooftop).

The final area has three guards and one kidnapper. The guards are all at the same level that you start on - the first is north of you, around to the right; the second is across the gap patrolling outside and the third is behind him in the building, behind some windows.

If you quickly tranq the first guard and run to the top of the first ladder, the second guard will be at the top of the other ladder facing you. Tranq him and wait a couple of seconds; the third guard will run out to check him and you can dispose of him too. Jump down the ladder and wait for the kidnapper to finish its sweep - it will go north of the east-west connecting bridge and you can run past without trouble. Alternatively after dealing with the first guard you can just tranq the second guard and snipe the third through the glass once he's facing you. Be quick, or he'll dash into cover and send reinforcements. After this, lob a Chaff Grenade and take out the kidnapper, and you're guaranteed a smooth sailing to the end.

Climb the ladder, head to the northwest corner and you've finished. 3:20 (or so) is possible using the alternative methods.

[049] Perfect Stealth[edit | edit source]

A good mission for recruiting high level R&D staff. Unfortunately, it seems that the rank of each soldier is random, so you can't scan them using the Analyzer on one run through, and expect their ranks to be the same on subsequent runs. Bummer. Anyway...


  • In the first map (AI Weapon Hangar): An A rank R&D POW, and a high (random) rank soldier, both on the elevated level (if you're lucky)
  • In the second (Underground Passage A), a B rank Medical, B rank Combat and B rank R&D soldier, and a B rank R&D POW
  • In the third (Underground Passage B), an A rank Intel POW (female)

I completed this op in 2:42 and got the S rank (3:08 also acceptable for S rank). S rank awards the PTRS1941 Design Specs

[050] Perfect Stealth[edit | edit source]

The reward for S-ranking this mission (complete it in under 3 minutes, apparently) is the design specs for the Stealth Camo. A few practice runs through the op should enable you to accomplish an S rank run fairly easily. You can run past almost all the enemies in the Op, only holding up or shooting a few. Consider using smoke grenades and the NVG, particularly for the last two soldiers on the final map. There is an an A rank Combat Team soldier in the small shed to the right as you enter the second map, an S rank Medical Team soldier patrolling the bridge in the Ravine, and an A rank R&D Team soldier in shed in the final map (Sorting Shed).

For an alternative solution to getting an S rank, you will need the sneaking suit and mk.22. Optional equipment: soliton radar and sleep grenades.


  • Run past the first two soldiers by the truck. No need to hold them up as long as you hug the wall.
  • Go up the left path and shoot the soldier walking towards you and then run towards this area's exit.
  • Take the left path and run towards the soldier, hold him up as you run past him then run towards the exit.
  • Creep to the left around the log, and then run towards the bridge. Hold up the soldier on the left. Stop and shoot the soldier on the right (or just shoot them both) and then take the exit.
  • Run and hold up the first soldier. Shoot the next one coming around the corner. If you wait a few seconds the third soldier will turn around and you can hold up this one and take the exit. (Alternative - shoot the second soldier, then hold up the first, then run through and hold up the third on your way past him.)
  • Run to the left and to the far back corner. Shoot the soldier walking away. If you shoot him in the anus, he'll go down in one hit. Wait for the closest soldier to turn around and make a dash to the shed exit. Wait for the two soldiers to come towards the shed exit and throw a sleep grenade at them or shoot them. As soon as they're down, run towards them and out to the exit. They'll be too disorientated to notice you.

All going well, an S rank will be yours.

[051] Obstacle Demolition[edit | edit source]

Equip a soliton radar. That'll pin point all the enemies. Easy to knock off snipers now. Also, always equip the sneaking suit as it silences all your footsteps or stealth camo making it so much easier to sprint the entire time.

Reach the objective in under 3:20 for the S rank.

[052] Eliminate the Kidnappers[edit | edit source]

A rails type mission. Shoot down 40 kidnappers. There's a fixed machine gun with infinite ammo for your use at the venue, so you needn't bother thinking about the right weapon to bring (bring some rations just in case).

If you're going for the S rank then it's faster and easier to use a high capacity shotgun rather than the mounted machine gun. Complete it in under 3 minutes for the S.

[053] Clearing Escape[edit | edit source]

Incredibly easy to get an S rank. Simply run down the left side of the map. Wait until the two soldiers have their backs turned, then rush forward and hold them up. Alternately, run to the first building on the platform and neutralise them from range with your Mk22 (must be headshots or else it won't be quick enough). Then simply run past to the exit. 45 seconds or less required for S rank.

[054] Snake Gear Retrieval[edit | edit source]

The last item, the one that you can't find after spending a long time looking, is in the elevator. When you start the mission, in the hallway behind you is the confidential document for the FAL.

The first item is just forwards and to the left of where you start. The next one is on the head of the mech and there's another on the raised platform with a guard. After you have those three, you'll want to run down and press the elevator, then turn 180 and go to the end. The next piece of gear will now be on your left. Now you just grab the piece from the elevator and hit the exfil point.  Watch out for guards while doing all that!

I got an S rank with a time of 2:20, no kills and no alerts.

[055] US Soldier Rescue[edit | edit source]

Check your map. He's behind a door that you have to lift using the Triangle button.

1:21 will get you an S rank. If you don't have it yet, try using your silenced Mosin Nagant where you start the mission to make it a little easier. Using your Mk22 will also work.

Since the enemies are heavily armoured, hold them up for best results (creep up behind them and raise your gun nearby - they will not move unless an Alert is triggered or an ally helps them).

For extra sequence breaking, run left past the break and shoot the soldier with C.Gustav Fulton Launcher across the map just as the mission starts, and jump through the rightmost window to extraction point for 15 seconds total time.

[056] One Shot[edit | edit source]

Wait 44 seconds (when the timer reaches 4:16 remaining), then shoot on the middle barrel and you get all 5 kills. It's not the exact timing that matters, but the two kidnappers just need to be on either side of the middle barrel when one of the barrels explodes.

[057] Paparazzi.[edit | edit source]

The commander is the guy doing squats on the jetty in the boathouse. Take a photo of him when he's squatting. 1:20 is also acceptable for S ranking.  Two B-rank soldiers are walking around in the central area, as well.

[058] Paparazzi [edit | edit source]

Spend some time observing the patrol patterns of all the soldiers. The first soldier you see when you spawn is your target. He sprints off quickly. You have to take the photo when he's at the bottom of his squat, as in the previous Op. NOTE: Use the sneaking suit, mk22, Soliton Radar (or surround indicator) and the camera. Once the level starts head left and tranq the guard in front of you. After that head forward until you see another guard. Tranq him and then look to your left. The commander will run through the doorway, follow him until he stops. Stand behind him and take the picture when he is at the bottom of his squat. Then tranq him and head back the way you came to see the goal on the first floor. Aim for a time around 50 seconds for an S rank.

For an alternative route, bring only the Sneaking Suit, Mk.22 and camera. Drop down straight away, following the officer closely. When he passes the first guard on the other side of the break room, shoot the guard in the head, and keep running behind the officer. He will squat at the top of the stairs, behind a pillar. Photograph this, then dive over the edge in the direction of the goal. Once in the break room, dive through the window. I did this for 40 seconds and an S rank.

[059] Ghost Photography[edit | edit source]

This takes place at the US Missile Base: The Small Maintenence Dock. Bring a Camera and a Sonic Eye, and a Surround Indicator. When it starts, equip your Sonic Eye. The bigger the number, the closer the Ghost. Exercise caution if 15 or more is detected. When you believe you have a good shot, grab the Camera and snap a few pictures in that area, making sure no objects are in the way. You know if it's done if the Ghost appears (not in the photo) and starts disapearing. The goal is just down your spawn path, and is inbetween both sides of the dock. If you have soliton radar you can see him on it when close enough. 1:30 is good enough for S rank. There is a Splitter camo on a first-level crate just in front of you; while a development document for the M563 is forward and to the west.

[060] Dead Man's Treasure [edit | edit source]

The setting is the jungle map at night (2 maps for this mission). You'll need to find and collect the 5 items near the dead men. A good way to do it is to revive the person and use fulton on them before they catch you. If a spirit catches you, you will need to shake it off using the analog stick as your health decreases.

Get a time around 1:25 or 1:44 without being seen for an S rank (you don't need to revive or fulton the soldiers for a high rank).

[061] Dead Man's Treasure[edit | edit source]

All items are unneccessary, and will slow down the player. Equip the Fulton Recovery if desired. Use the Sneaking Suit. RECOMMENDED: Do some scouting around the area using the tips in this description to work on your mission run.

Start off by running down the hill and continue running until you make the left that leads into town. Look for the door to the right that leads into the opened shed. Keep your eye on the ghost in the shed opposite to you. Quickly resuscitate the soldier closest to you. Changing your grip on the controller to tap the action button is recommended with the shooter control scheme. As soon as you revive the soldier, leave the shed through the same way you came in.

Use the 3rd person camera to your advantage as you scout for the other ghost. When he gets closest to the shed you were just in, crouch walk over to the other corpse and revive it. This process happens over a period of 25-35 seconds, and should be repeated if failed, if you want the S rank.

Continue across the area and make a right. Look for an immediate right where the next soldier is. Revive him quickly. Look for the ladder and use it. Roll to the closest building, and collect the item. Hop over the building's "spine" and collect the other item.

Jump down from the building, and go right, towards the largest building near the start. Make a left at the border of the area and revive the corpses. Double back and climb the boxes to get on the building. Collect the item on the roof.

Head towards the back of the roof and slowly walk over to the ledge. Make your way over the the isolated part of the roof with the item. Collect it, and drop down to the ground. Pause, and look for the recovery zone. Go to the goal. Claim your S rank, with a great time, and no alerts. Thanks for playing.

Helpful advice: Use the soliton radar if you are having trouble keeping track of where the ghosts are. They appear on the radar as normal enemies. Sonic Eye and Surround Indicator work as well, though less effectively (with the tradeoff of not having a short battery life, if any).

3:14 is acceptable for an S rank.

[062] Dead Man's Treasure[edit | edit source]

You have 14 minutes to retrieve six items spread across several maps. The items are guarded by ghosts. If you use the Codec near a ghost, the signal has a lot of static. That's your cue to receive a message from The End (on frequency 000.0). He will say "This is The End". You may have to use the Codec many times before you get that call, so pause the instant you make a Codec call, and call from the pause menu when the last has ended. Once you complete the mission you will get the Neo Moss Camo.

[063] Pooyan Mission[edit | edit source]

Fairly easy. Shoot down Fulton Recovery balloons, being careful not to shoot the soldier that they're recovering. Any firearm should be OK for this one. I used the M16A1, but other rifles should work. Listen to Miller's Briefing File to learn why this and the next mission are called "Pooyan".

[064] Pooyan Mission[edit | edit source]

Harder than [063] if you miss two then it's game over, I prefer to use the M16A1 to shoot down the balloons, since it makes the mission a piece of cake.

Reward: Fulton Mine

Near the extraction point for this mission is a barbecue. You can cook rations here, which makes them more effective and will earn you a trophy. Cook them until they turn brown.

[065] Pooyan Mission[edit | edit source]

Miss three balloons and it's Game Over. S-rank this to get the design specs for the WA2000 [1].

[066] Missile Intercept Mission[edit | edit source]

Shoot the missiles that appear on the horizon. They will be easier to shoot when closer, but this tactic is not recommended when barrages of missiles are fired. Miss 10 missiles, and you will fail. An accurate weapon with a decent rate of fire is recommended, such as the M16.

The first 20 missiles come from the south-east, while the remaining 10 come from the south in two sets of 5.

For S-Rank: Finish without missing a missile. I finished in 2:05 and got an S.

[067] Date with Paz [edit | edit source]

To get an S rank, you need a Paz Affinity score of 200 or more. This can be achieved by saying nice things to her and taking photos of her.

Gear: Walkman (for nice background music), Camera, Love Box, Tuxedo.

Set your Co-Ops Comm messages to the following (sourced from the IGN guide: [[2]])

  • I'm with ya.
  • Follow me!(not required but she will go after you)
  • Peace!
  • Good!
  • Impressive.
  • Good to have you.
  • Good luck.
  • Thanks.
  • Sorry...I just...
  • Nice one!
  • I knew you had it in you!!(all versions)
  • Not bad!
  • Kept you waiting, huh?
  • Don't die on me.
  • I like it!
  • You can do this.

Set the Walkman going then say those lines. Make sure you get a red heart from Paz for each one. If there's no response, repeat it.

Then crouch, equip the camera and take a photo. Paz will pose for you. Un-equip then re-equip the camera and repeat. Keep repeating this sequence until she does the same pose again (i.e. no new poses).

Finally, equip the love box. If seven red hearts float out from it, you've got yourself and S rank.

If she says "What am I going to do with you?" while in the Love Box, you'll only get an A rank (190 Paz Affinity points). What's gone wrong? You didn't get a positive response for each of the 16 lines you said. Try repeating a few.

It appears (Confirmed 2/1/12) that if she says "I feel a little awkward" while you are taking photos of her, then you have amassed sufficient Paz Affinity points for an S rank. She will say the same thing while in the box.

WARNING: Do NOT CQC against her otherwise she'll run off causing mission failure.

[068] Date with Kaz[edit | edit source]

Knock Kaz out and pat him down to obtain the design specs for the Patriot[3]. Fighting with him will make him happy. Get him into the Love Box to end the mission.

Additionally, using CQC on him counts towards your total stats. If you're trying to get those insignias, this is an easy mission for doing so. 

[069] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PA[edit | edit source]

The same as the story mission, you either blow up the commando's sweet ride, or you blow them up (or put them to sleep). When that's done, it's yours.

There are 20 escorts. Explosions are the easy way to go, but if you put them all to sleep, the un-damaged tank and 21 soldiers are all yours. No time limit on this one, so you have time to line up shots and hide and run and all that fun stuff.

One S rank tactic is to use the Gustav (FR) to fulton the men, then hit the vehicle with a rocket launcher and tranq the commander. This way it doesn't matter if you're seen or not.

I completed this op in 6:35 and got the S rank.

[070] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PA Custom[edit | edit source]

Unlocked by completing Extra Op 25. Five skulls: there are 36 escorts.

Equipment: Sneaking suit, NVG, Mk 22, CG (Fulton), Smoke grenades, Fulton mines, and rations for fighting the commander. Supply markers in case you run out of tranqs/rations fighting the commander.

Start off sneaking behind the APC, running through the eastern building. Hold up the escorts with your Mk 22 and Fulton them. Follow behind the APC closely. When the captain shouts for reinforcements, throw a smoke grenade at the rear left tyre. NVG on, plant a Fulton Mine in the middle of the escorts. Back out and Mk.22 the mine. Once you are out of mines, use the smoke grenades, hold up the escorts and Fulton them.

You will be short of three Fultons for the last group of escorts, so you will have to eliminate them with a lethal suppressed weapon, unless you've got the Fulton Launcher. Another option is to hold them up in an area where the APC will run over them.

Eliminating the escorts is relatively easy; the hard part of this op is battling the captain. He takes quite a few hits with the Mk.22 to put him away, and two or three hits from his machine gun will end your life.

I completed this op in 14:45 and got the S rank.

[071] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PB[edit | edit source]

A step up from 69, but in the same area. There are 20 escorts, so if you want to capture the vehicle or get an S-Rank, you'll need a lethal suppressed weapon (e.g. the M10) or the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher.

I finished this op in 6:31 and got the S rank.

[072] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PB Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 36 escorts and the captain is a B-ranked Combat Team soldier. I finished this op in 14:38 and got the S rank.

[073]: Armored vehicle battle: LAV-type G custom[edit | edit source]

There are 28 soldiers in the squad and a rank B captain. Either kill all soldiers or Fulton recover all soldiers to capture vehicle or destroy the vehicle. A fairly easy mission after the last few, if you've been following the guide of what order to play these ops. I finished in 11:42 and got the S rank.

[074]: LAV-Type C[edit | edit source]

Another LAV, and this time the main cannon is pretty nasty. It's machine gun isn't nice to take on either.

There are seven groups of four escorts (i.e. 28 in total). If spotted you will have to reduce it to 40% of it's health for the commander to appear (once all escorts are down, of course).

S-rank Strategy: The vehicle's turret never rotates to look behind, so as long as you stay behind it, the captain will NEVER see you. So follow it around, and whenever it disgorges another wave of escorts lob a smoke grenade at the back of the vehicle. Then equip your NVG, sneak up and plant a Fulton Mine. When you've run out of them, either use your Mk-22 or group-CQC them and use your Fulton Balloon system. The captain takes about six or seven shots with the Mk.22 in order to take him out. I finished in 11:49 and got an S-Rank, but I don't know what the cutoff time is.

[075]: Armored Vehicle Battle: LAC-Type C custom[edit | edit source]

Five red skulls: there are 36 escorts. Location: Bananal Fruta de Oro

Bring the MK-22, Mosin Nagant, NVG, Smoke Grenades, Fulton Recovery and Fulton Mine (Fulton Launcher's optional).

This is a very easy battle if you do it the stealthy way, all the escorts come from the vehicle itself everytime you kill/capture each squad, but if you didn't bring the Fulton Launcher you gonna be short of 4 captures.

First proceed going on the back of the LAC and hold up all the soldiers, then Fulton recover them, next keep following the LAC, evading being seen by the main cannon (also don't pass by the front of the vehicle, as it haves some sort of camera that spots you). When the captain calls for backup, immediately throw a smoke grenade on the back of it, equip your NVG, plant a Fulton mine right next to the escorts and shoot the mine with the MK-22.

Repeat until you run out of mines, when that happens, do the same pattern, but instead of using a mine, hold them up while there's still smoke and Fulton recover them. Now if you didn't bring the Fulton Launcher, you are gonna be short of 4 escorts ... no big deal, just hold them up over the roadway so the LAC kills them by running on them. The captain should pop up by this moment, go to the cliff and use the logs as cover, then proceed to sleep the captain with the Mosin Nagant and there you go, an undamaged LAC-Type C Custom vehicle and a S rank, piece of cake wasn't it Snake?

I finished this op in 14:14 and got the S rank. You can also complete it within 16:55 and still achieve an S rank.

[076]: Tank Battle: T-72U[edit | edit source]

A fairly easy battle. Four skulls: 20 escorts.

Reccomended gear:

The escorts will spawn from three places; One from almost the same place you spawn, the second place is the shed near the gate and third is the gate itself. Once you have taken care of the escorts without being spotted, the leader should peek his head out. That's your chance.

I finished this op in 8:16 and got the S rank.

[077]: Tank Battle: T-72U Custom[edit | edit source]

There are 28 escorts and the captain is a B rank Combat and Intelligence soldier.

The T-72U Custom is a particular customer: he is just as difficult to kill in one on one combat as most tanks are, and in this case you are unlike to kill all of his cohorts in the process of blowing him to tiny bits, the main reason being that pretty much all of the Mechanical Bosses after beating the main game fire too damn fast and hit too hard to even consider taking in full frontal (Unless you have 3 very apt and patient friends) and secondly because pretty much every single one of the back-up soldiers is armed with a Rocket Launcher and they are not afraid to even Kamakazi it into your sexy mustache.

A method which has worked well for me in this battle is really quite simple, I've managed to Fulton every single soldier out of the theater using a combination of a Level 5 Fulton Device and distance detonations of the Fulton Mine: The method is simple and really only required two weapons: the Mk.22 at level 4 or 5, and the Fulton Mine. You can opt for the Mosin Nagant for a long distance boss non-lethal or the SVD in case you cannot "rescue" all of the soldiers, but the method stands as follows.

Every time the Tank makes a pass from the Western side of the Big Shed (which you are no doubt inside of, praying to whatever gods may be listening) run out and hold up two soldiers. You are of course, wearing the no-footsteps stealth suit which makes a run an option not tantamount to suicide. Fulton these two out and run by the pile close to the smaller door, hide there until you are sure that the replacement soldiers are NOT going to come out of the shed (and if one does, you can easily stick him up as well as he runs out, bonus!). This will net you the maximum amount of fulton usage, what about the rest you say? There are also times where the tank will pause and Fire its' cannon, in this case the soldiers accompanying it will not spread out and stick together in a tight 4 person group: Once they pass the door quickly run out and hold up all 4, lay a mine in between them, and trigger it back from the little pile by the door. 4 Soldiers are now yours, rinse and repeat.

Alternative Strategy: The above strategy seems to take too long to me. I simply stalked the escorts and held them up. Most of the time they were too spread out for a Fulton Mine to recover all four; so I set it to recover three of them and used the Fulton Balloon for the fourth. I finished this op in 12:17 and got the S rank.

Further, tricking the tank into killing the troops does not count as you killing them. Thus, if you are running low on Fulton items, you can knock out enemies before the tank is about to turn around so that it runs them over. Due to their high psych gauges, this trick will only work once or twice, but it means you need eight less Fulton items. Three sleep gas grenades and one or two shots each with the Mk. 22 does the trick.

Pro Tip: If you run out of Fultons and still want to go for a no-kill run, there's an easy trick to help achieve this. You can hold up (or knock down, although this comes with greater risk) soldiers at the side of the tank, allowing them to be run over by the the tank's treads. Fortunately, this doesn't count as a kill for you.

[078]: Tank Battle: T-72A[edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts and a C Rank combat captain. I finished in 9:59 and got the S-rank.

[079]: Tank Battle: T-72A Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls. There are 28 escorts. Beat around 15:30 for S rank to obtain EM Wave Gun.

[080]: Tank Battle: KPz 70[edit | edit source]

One of the easiest vehicle ops. There are 10 escorts. The soldiers and the tank are pretty blind. The only real problem is avoiding the soldiers who spawn to replace the ones you eliminate. Finish the op in less than six minutes for an S rank.

[081]: Tank Battle: KPz 70 Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls, 28 escorts. I finished in 10:55 and got the S rank.

[082]: Tank Battle: MBTk-70[edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts. I finished in 8:29 for an S-rank.

[083]:Tank Battle: MBTk-70 Custom[edit | edit source]

Five red skulls, 28 escorts. The reward for obtaining S rank is the Electromagnetic Net Design Specs.

I finished this op in 13:35 and got the S rank.

[084]: Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A[edit | edit source]

There are 28 escorts. The op is set at night, so as long as you stay crouched you should be reasonably safe from being spotted by the chopper captain. You can also get quite close to the escorts before they see you. Take them out with smoke grenades and the Fulton Mine and Fulton Balloon. Three shots with the Mk.22 will deal with the captain. I completed this op in 12:57 and got the S Rank.

[085]: Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 28 escorts. I finished in 14:01 with an S rank.

[086] Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24D[edit | edit source]

There are 28 escorts. The Captain is a C-ranked Combat Team soldier.

[087] Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24D Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls and 36 escorts. A difficult battle, but if you have been following the guide of what order to play the ops, you should not find it too hard (I S-ranked it on my third attempt, in 11:18). You probably cannot win a war of attrition by attacking full on. Try stealth. Load out with:

  • Sneaking Suit
  • Mk-22
  • Mosin-Nagant (or suppressed lethal firearm)
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Fulton Mine
  • Supply Marker
  • C4 (optional)
  • Fulton System
  • Recovery items
  • Sound indicator
  • NVG

First get rid of the escorts. Do this very carefully, because if you are spotted you absolutely CANNOT win with this load-out. For the first few groups, equip the NVG and smoke grenades. Throw smoke grenades at the escorts when they're grouped (best time is just after they've disembarked from the chopper), then plant a Fulton Mine in the middle of the group. Exit the smoke, turn and detonate the mine by firing a Mk-22 round at it. The smoke will hide you from the chopper as well. Be careful not to bump into the escorts while you're planting the mine. This tactic works well until you run out of mines. Then you'll have to hold up the escorts and Fulton them all individually.

When you've gotten rid of all the escorts the Captain of the chopper will pop his head out of the canopy. Two head shots with the Mosin Nagant will own him. However the chopper never stops moving, so unless you're very good a leading shots it may be better to use the Mk-22, which is faster to aim.

There's one small problem with Fultoning the escorts: you have 12 Fulton parachutes and five Fulton Mines. There are 36 escorts, dispatched in groups of four. That's nine groups. You can get rid of the first three with parachutes and the subsequent five with mines. That's eight groups, which means you still need to get rid of the last group of four somehow. They can't be recovered: they must be killed. (Resupplying using the Supply Marker seems to NOT resupply your Fulton items.) So, it may be better to swap out the Mosin Nagant for a lethal weapon. If your lethal weapon is a missile, say FIM, X-FIM or Carl Gustav, that can be used to finish off the soldiers as well as to attack the Captain (lethally, OHKO). If you don't want to use rockets to finish off the last four escorts, take C4. That will do the trick, but may take two charges.

Alternative strategy 1: As above, but use a lethal armor-piercing sniper rifle (a Rank 4 M21 will kill them in one head-shot) so that you don't have to muck around with Fulton recovery. You don't get to recruit the escorts, of course. Upon spawning, turn around and head into the building with the metal crates. Snipe from the back right corner (facing out). When your shots attract the attention of escorts and they come to investigate, run to the back left corner and get in a box (Assassin's Box is a good choice). They will apparently NEVER find you there. For this strategy to work it is crucial that you equip the Surround Indicator and be aware of the position of the chopper at all times. ONLY take shots when the escorts are at the far end of the map, and the chopper isn't showing on the indicator.

Alternative strategy 2: Hold up the first group and leave them there (i.e. don't Fulton them). Then attack the chopper, damaging it until the Captain pops out. Use an X-FIM or C. Gustav for this. Alternative strategy 3: I found all these strategies on other sites. I attempted the alternatives with no success. The first strategy worked for me after many attempts. Alternative 1 may work for you if you've got great concentration and patience, i.e. can be always aware of the chopper's position and you never take a shot when it might attract attention of the chopper. I did not have the skills for that. Alternative 2 may work for you if you're good at taking missile shots while dodging missile attacks that take two lives off per hit. There is no permanent cover in this map: the chopper's missiles will eventually destroy all cover.

Potential strategy: I tried alternative strategy 1 with no luck (against the Raider Custom, but the fight is very similar), but I modified it in a way that seems to work as well (if not better) provided some patience still. Instead of the armor-piercing weapon, take the Carl Gustav (I used the standard, but the Multi-Purpose would probably be more effective). If you use that to take out the soldiers, the helicopter GENERALLY doesn't notice. After every shot, be sure to hide in a box as before. The only problem with this method is that you will probably need a supply call so be sure to bring your markers, but I was able to kill all soldiers in the time I normally would have taken to kill 5--6 with the machine gun (got spotted killing the last soldier because I got a bit impatient). Best of luck. --Anon

Alternative strategy 4: A simpler solution than all of the above is to hide in the barn by the start point and use the Carl Gustav Fulton Launcher and the Infinity Bandana.

[088] Attack Chopper Battle: AH56A-Bomber[edit | edit source]

There are 10 escorts. The first wave is a group of four, as is the second. When each escort is neutralised, another spawns. Be careful to be spotted when they spawn. Hold them up, tranq or kill them, and when they're gone start firing at the chopper. It moves constantly and is difficult to hit, so aim for where it will be, rather than where it is.

The captain is a C-rank Combat Team soldier.

S-Rank walkthrough: As soon as you spawn, make a beeline for the shed in front of you to the right. As you exit the shed on the far side, hug the right side of the map. Still hugging the edge, turn left to get to the barred gates and then turn left again to face down the road. Run up to the soldiers and hold them up. Crouch, Fulton them and run back the to gates. Remain crouched for the rest of the mission.

After all four of the next wave have spawned and formed up in a line, run to them, hold them up and Fulton them. Then lie down immediately and watch for where the next two soldiers spawn from. Most of the time they will not see you, but occaisionally one will run right over you, so tranq him before he does.

Hold up and Fulton the last two and then run to the shed at the bottom of the map near where you spawned. Hide behind the containe and then switch to recovery items and the Mosin-Nagant. Shoot the pilot: three hits with the Mosin-Nagant will do the trick. Evidently you don't have to be too accurate, so don't worry about getting his head precisely in your cross-hairs.

All of this works only if you do everything (ie, neutralise the escorts immediately and as fast as you can). If you hesitate the chopper pilot may see you.

[089] Attack Chopper Battle: AH-24A-Bomber Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 28 escorts. Use the smoke grenade/NVG/Fulton Mine trick. Four or five shots with the Mosin-Nagant will deal with the captain. I finished this op in 16:54 and got the S rank.

[090] Attack Chopper Battle: AH56A-Raider [edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts. At the stage that this Op becomes available, you may only be able to Fulton 12 people during a mission. This means you'll have to kill 8 of the escorts, possibly by C4 or grenades (assuming you are loaded with both the Mk-22 and Mosin-Nagant).

This Op is very similar to Extra Op 88, but not as easy. It's more likely that you will be spotted by the chopper pilot, so keep a close eye on where he's looking. Also, C4 explosions may attract the attention of the pilot (even if you detonate it from inside the shed!).

I had luck with Fultoning the first 12 escorts, then dealing with the last 8 by lobbing a smoke grenade at them when they were grouped close together, then tranqing them and finishing them off with a Carl Gustav round or two.

Once you've got the Fulton Mine things are easier. I finished this op in 7:08 and got the S rank.

[091] Attack Chopper Battle: AH56A-Raider Custom[edit | edit source]

Five Red Skulls: the most difficult rating in the game! Very similar to Extra Op 87, so see that guide for tactics. It's easier: only 28 escorts. Also, guards spawn on the map rather than being dropped off by the chopper, so be aware of spawning spots. I finished this op in 11:32 and got the S rank.Also this level is extremely difficult so watch your back !

[092] Tank Battle: T-72U Custom[edit | edit source]

A 5-skull Op: the second to hardest level in the game. You'll face 28 B level soldiers: they are harder to CQC (many more than the usual three throws to knock out), harder to hold up (will turn around as you approach), can see you from further away, take more tranq rounds to knock out and wake up faster. The tank's attacks are much more powerful also. Sigh ...

For an S rank, stalk the escorts and hold them up, and then Fulton recover them. I finished in 11:52 and got the S rank. 12:18 is ok, too.

[093] Tank Battle: T-72A[edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts and a rank B Captain, making this op arguably the best place to farm soldiers besides WiFi Recruit.

But because the soldiers are highly ranked, they are more difficult to battle. If you are spotted, each bullet hit will do significant damage to you. Also, the tank's shells can destroy anything, even the walls of the building: there is no safe place to hide!

Once you've acquired the Fulton Mine things are easier. Use stealth and hold up the escorts. Also, this is one of the easiest ops to arrange the vehicle to run over held up or tranqed escorts, so it may be possible to S rank it with just a Rank 5 Fulton System. I finished in 6:23 and got the S rank.

[094] Tank Battle: T-72A Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: 28 escorts and a rank A captain. Don't try tranquilizing the escorts: they take too many shots and wake up quickly. Also, smoke grenades do not appear to be of any use. Just hold them up and extract them with the Fulton System and Fulton Mines. Many soldiers here are A rank in combat and R&D, and do not always die after being run over by the tank. I completed this op in 10:36 and got the S rank.

[095] Tank Battle: KPz 70[edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts. Bring the Mk22 and a Mac-10 (silenced), once you've run out of Fulton balloons kill the remaining escorts (make sure they are unconscious first).

When you've obtained the Fulton Mine, come back and do this op again with no kills. I finished it in 7:33 and got the S rank.

[096] Tank Battle: KPz 70 Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 28 escorts. I completed this op in 10:18 and got the S rank.

[097] Tank Battle: MBTk-70[edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts. The tank's turret does not rotate behind the tank, so you can follow it around with relative safety. However the escorts do look around a bit, so although you can hold up the first wave easily, it's probably better to snipe the rest from afar with the Mk.22. I finished in 9:07 and got the S rank.

[098] Tank Battle: MBTk-70 Custom [edit | edit source]

Five Skulls. A tank with 28 escorts. Clear this op to get the Fulton Launcher. When you take one escort out, another spawns, seemingly from a random spot. Also the tank seems to have unlimited range of vision. This makes stealth difficult. I finished this op in 13:40 and got the S rank.

[099] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PA [edit | edit source]

There are 28 escorts and the Captain is a C-rank Combat Team soldier. Both the escorts and the captain are pretty blind: you can follow the vehicle closely and get close to the escorts when they get out of the vehicle. Try using the smoke grenade & Fulton mine routine; it doesn't always work because the escorts spread out quickly after getting out. Nonetheless, this is one of the easier mech missions. I finished in 12:01 and got an S rank.

[100] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PA Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 36 escorts and the Captain is an A-rank Combat Team soldier. Standard general advice (as above) applies. I finished this op in 10:18 and got the S rank.

[101] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PB[edit | edit source]

There are 28 escorts. A fairly easy op: just follow the vehicle and wait for it to disgorge the next wave of escorts. Use the smoke grenade/NVG tactic and all will be well. I finished in 11:15 and got the S-rank.

[102] Armored Vehicle Battle: BTR-60 PB Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 36 escorts. The same map where you battled the tank in Main Ops (El Cadalso), but this time an armoured vehicle equipped with an extremely deadly machine gun. A few rounds from this will empty your life bars real quick. It can see you from a long distance, as can the escorts.

Lethal Strategy: Wear the Battle Dress uniform and take heavy weaponry and recovery items. I used Future Curry and Rank 4 Rations, the M60 AP (Armor-Piercing), C. Gustav (Rank 4) and XFIM-92A. The escorts are tough and intelligent. You might like to consider killing them instead of non-lethal methods the first time, while you become familiar with the scenario. They are smart enough to avoid the Fulton Mine and take several shots with the Mk-22 or Mosin Nagant to subdue, so it may be worth waiting until you have the Fulton Launcher before attempting this.

I ran into the building and hid behind the train engine for cover, then sniped at the escorts and the vehicle as they attacked. Although I used claymores they didn't seem very effective against the escorts, only really serving as a warning that someone was approaching. YMMV. Kill all the escorts then fire rockets at the tank. It's tough: you'll have to re-supply several times. Once the vehicle is down to two life bars the Captain will pop out. Killing or tranquilizing him gets you the vehicle. Good Luck!

Non-Lethal Strategy: Use the smoke grenade/NVG/Fulton Mine tactic, and finish off one off the groups of escorts with C4. Alternatively, throw three escots under the vehicle. It is possible to do this with one of the first four, and in remaining groups, hold-up three and flip the fourth. I gained the S rank with this tactic in 17:22.

[103] LAV-G Battle[edit | edit source]

The same map where you battled the tank in Main Ops, and similar setup. Pound it with Carl Gustav and FIM-43. You should be able to clear it without resupplying.

Alternatively for the stealth route, there are 20 escorts to take down before the commander will appear. The escorts emerge from the rear of vehicle, rather than spawning at random on the map. Use the smoke grenade trick and clear this op easily once you have the Fulton Mine. I finished in 5:57 and got the S rank.

[104] Armored Vehicle Battle: LAV-Type G Custom[edit | edit source]

Five skulls: there are 28 escorts. An easy battle, if you've been following the guide on the order of ops above. The escorts emerge from the back of the vehicle, making the smoke grenade/NVG/Fulton Mine tactic very easy. Three shots with the Mosin-Nagant will own the captain. I finished in 8:52 and got the S rank.

[105] Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24A Custom [edit | edit source]

Five skulls. There are 36 escorts and a B ranked (Combat) Captain. If you are following the guide that tells you what order to play the ops (above) you will probably first attempt this op when you have a Rank 5 Fulton System and the Fulton Mine. This gives a maximum number of Fulton extractions of 13 + (5 x 4) = 33, i.e. not enough to extract all the escorts. So take a silenced lethal weapon unless you already have the Fulton Launcher.

When you've run out of Fulton Mines you can try to group-CQC the remaining waves, but be warned: it takes TWO throw-downs to knock them out. You can also try zapping them with the Stun Rod, but be sure to let it recharge fully before zapping the next solider. Otherwise it may take more than one zap to knock him out. Be quick about it: while waiting for the Stun Rod to recharge the smoke can wear off and the enemy may see you. The safest option is to hold them up.

[106] Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24D[edit | edit source]

There are 20 escorts, and unlike other ops in this map there are no more Fulton balloons to resupply from, so you'll need to eliminate eight of them lethally unless you've got the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher. Use smoke grenades and the NVG to sneak up on the escorts and group CQC them. Then take out the captain when all escorts have been dealt with.

With the Fulton Mine it's easy. I finished in 8:46 and got the S rank.

[107] Attack Chopper Battle: Mi-24D Custom[edit | edit source]

There are 36 escorts and the Captain is a B-rank Combat Team soldier. Most of the time they get dropped off by the helicopter. If you are lucky, they will always get dropped off at the same place: where the first group were. If that's the case this op is easy: camp near that spot and as soon as the first soldier hits the ground, lob a smoke grenade at him. This will keep all four of them in the same place for you to hold up or use the Fulton Mine or Fulton Launcher. Repeat for all waves. I finished in 11:25 and got the S rank.

[108] Attack Chopper Battle: AH-56A Bomber[edit | edit source]

20 escorts and a C rank Captain. The best load out for an S rank is MK.22, smoke grenades, Fulton mines, and NVG.

When the battle starts move left and toss a smoke grenade into the group of enemies, then sneak in plant a Fulton mine and move back to the start position. Shoot the mine with a silenced weapon to discharge and extract the soldiers. The next batch of enemies show up from the back left of your original start position. Just stand there until they spot you, but aren't alerted, then back up a few paces and toss another grenade, move in and Fulton mine. They will continue coming from this second position, just repeat the steps. I finished in 4:49 and got the S rank.

[109] Attack Chopper Battle: AH-56A Bomber Custom[edit | edit source]

There are 28 escorts and the Captain is a B-rank Combat Team soldier. The escorts spawn from the map just behind and to the left of where you spawn. A very easy op, just wait for them to come to you and use the smoke grenade/NVG/Fulton Mine trick. I finished in 6:55 and got the S rank.

[110] Attack Chopper Battle: AH-56A Raider[edit | edit source]

A very easy op. There are 20 escorts and the Captain is a C-rank Combat Team soldier. Once you've disposed of the first wave of escorts the subsequent four waves come from the same place: just behind and to the left of where you spawned. use the Smoke grenade/NVG/Fulton Mine tactic. All groups but the first will go to the right, in the direction of where you start. The final group will take the other route. One sleep grenade will take them all out, however. I finished in 5:45 and got the S-rank.

[111] Attack Chopper Battle: AH56A-Raider Custom[edit | edit source]

Five Skulls. There are 28 escorts. If you S-rank this mission you get the M47, the most powerful rocket launcher, and arguably the best weapon in the game. There are 28 total soldiers (a mix of mostly B and A rank, though the mission intel will only say 2 A-rank and 2 B-rank because those are what start on the map). It is set at night at the Catarata de la Muerte, where you encountered the first helicopter in Main Ops.

S rank Strategy: Because there are 28 escorts, Fulton Mines and the normal Fulton Recovery system will be enough to dispose of them. The first group of escorts will be in front of you when you spawn. However subsequent groups will be behind you, and will always spawn at the same place and almost always follow the same patrol path. This means that you can plant a Fulton Mine in their path and they will be almost guaranteed to trigger it (if you've placed it correctly). Plant it close to where they spawn to get the mission done quickly. A few practice runs should be enough to enable you to do this with ease.

Taking down the captain is more tricky, because the chopper never stops moving. The Mk-22 may be easier to aim than the Mosin Nagant. However it appears if you get a hit with the Mosin Nagant the chopper stops moving for a while (or at least, moves less), allowing you to get more shots in. The Foulton Launcher finishes the boss in around 3 hits.

If you complete the op with zero kills in under 10 minutes you'll get the S rank, and obtain the Design Document for the M47. Also, because the AH56-A Raider Custom is a powerful adversary in the last few Outer Ops, this is a good, relatively easy and fast op in which to farm a few.

[112] AI Weapon Battle: Pupa Type II[edit | edit source]

Fairly easy with advanced weapons and recovery items. With the Carl Gustav, FIM-43 and X-FIM and rank 5 Rations and Great Curry, you should be able to take it down and only re-supply once. When you've entered the AI pod and are pulling out the memory boards, be ready to press the Triangle button when prompted, This gets you Paz's Diary, Part 1.

Equipped with the M47 and Battle Dress with Helmet, I completed this op in 6:35 and got the S rank.

[113] AI Weapon Battle: Pupa Custom[edit | edit source]

Use the same tactics as for Type II, but be aware that its attacks are more deadly, and that it takes more rocket hits to reduce each life bar of your opponent. Bring your most powerful weapons (two rocket launchers and a machine gun recommended) and life recovery items. You will need to resupply, so bring your Supply Marker also.

When pulling out the memory boards, be ready to hit the Triangle/Y button when the prompt appears. This will get you Paz's Diary, Part 2.

I completed this op in 9:13 and got the S rank.

11:02 also qualifies for S rank.

Tip: Chaff Grenade is ineffective to all custom AIs

With a lvl 4 CG, lvl 3 LAW and an armor piercing MG, Supply markers, you will easily win, With an S rank

The best place to be is one of the four pathways where the pupa will go through, go to where what it looks like a long narrow vent on the floor, when PUPA chargers go against the wall, you will be safe if it go through or up the wall.

[114] AI Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Type II[edit | edit source]

Fairly easy with advanced weaponry, armour and recovery items. I finished in 9:05 and got the S rank.

[115] AI Weapon Battle: Chrysalis Custom[edit | edit source]

You can S-rank this mission if you finish it under at least 11 minutes. It's fairly easy if you have the M47, Battle Dress with Helmet and Rank 5 other rockets (XFIM and Carl Gustav are good choices) and recovery items. If you get an S rank you get the Design Document for the Railgun.

I finished this op in 12:20 and got the S rank.

13:23 also qualifies for S rank.

[116] AI Weapon Battle: Cocoon Type II[edit | edit source]

Equip rocket launchers and a supply marker. Get to ground level ASAP and run around firing missiles at the pod. You can easily run underneath cocoon to avoid most of its attacks, just be weary of its crush attack which can be easily countered with button mashing and also the crane gun that may came down infrequently. Pop out the side to toss markers. Refill and repeat until the AI's life is down to 0, not three bars, as all the weapons go offline. From here it's just a mad dash to the top to knock open the hatch. Have at least 4 rockets for this.

Equipped with the Battle Dress with Helmet and M47, I finished this op in 7:37 and got the S rank.

[117] AI Weapon Battle: Cocoon Custom[edit | edit source]

Its attacks are more deadly: in particular the machine gun can chew through several lives if you get hit hard by it. Otherwise, use same tactics as for the Type II. I finished in 15:18 (but could probably have got closer to 10 minutes) for an S rank.

When pulling out the memory boards, be ready to press Triangle when prompted to get Paz's Diary, Part 3.

[118] AI Weapon Battle: Peace Walker Type II[edit | edit source]

Suggested loadout: Battle Dress with Helmet, M47, C. Gustav, M63, Recovery Items and Supply Marker. Use the same tactics for the first version of PW. When you spawn you should be able to get two or three easy rocket hits in. Remember to save three or four rockets for when it goes into Nuclear Launch Mode. When you get it down to three life bars pummel the Launch Tube to stop it, make sure that you have plenty of ammo. It'll take about three or four Rank 5 Carl Gustav rounds. Finish around 18:09 to get the S rank.

After some practice you should be able to learn to easily dodge most of its attacks and get in close to do serious damage to the AI pod. Also, if you have the Battle Dress with Helmet and Rank 5 recovery items there'll be less chance you'll die. The hardest part of both battles is stopping the final countdown. Ensure you have at least four Carl Gustav (Rank 5) rounds when the final launch sequence begins, and become efficient at dodging her rocket attacks while reloading. (Note: you could also use the LAW, because of its fast reload.)

When you're pulling out the AI boards you may get prompted to press Triangle or Up, this'll award you a part of Paz's diary.

As an added note I managed to beat this using 8 Supply Markers and finished under 21 minutes and still got an S rank, so don't hold back.

[119] AI Weapon Battle: Peace Walker Custom [edit | edit source]

Its attacks are deadlier, and it takes more hits to damage it, but use the same tactics as for the Type II. Finish in under 23 minutes for an S rank and the design specs for the Infinity Bandana, which gives infinite ammo and suppressor durability.

[120] Metal Gear ZEKE - Mock Battle[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Unlike the battle in Main Ops, ZEKE's parts will NOT be damaged by your attacks, so feel free to hit it without fear of having to repair it afterwards. If ZEKE is deployed on Outer Ops or otherwise nonfunctional, this Op cannot be selected.

ZEKE's difficulty is contingent on the AI Weapon components it currently has attached and the AI boards you have upgraded it with, so choose a loadout to compensate for any extra abilities it may possess. The abilities granted by the components are as follows:

  • Pupa Head: ZEKE will use an improved version of Pupa's electric shock generator. It has three versions of the shock; a weak rapid-fire attack, a stronger attack from long range, or a high powered strike that requires ZEKE to charge up before firing. Unlike Pupa, it does NOT have lightning rods that can be damaged to stop the attack.
  • Jetpack: ZEKE will be able to jump further and will evade attacks more easily.
  • Chrysalis Head: ZEKE gains homing missiles that do greater damage than its ordinary missiles.
  • Radome: Boosts ZEKE's accuracy.
  • Railgun: Unchanged from its effects in the Main Ops mission. Since Pacifica is not controlling ZEKE this time (and in extension letting you know when the railgun is ready to fire), you have to be more careful. If the AI's capability has been enhanced with several different types of AI boards, the Railgun will charge up faster and do more damage.
  • Cocoon Head: ZEKE gains a direct-fire cannon with extreme splash damage. Luckily, the attack is unguided and can be evaded easily.
  • Armor: ZEKE takes less damage from your attacks
  • Peace Walker Head: ZEKE can now use Peace Walker's immobilisation beam to keep the player from moving. It can also deflect missiles and rifle grenades with an EMP, so you'll have to use the PTRS-41 or a similar armor-piercing weapon to attack ZEKE instead.
  • Peace Walker Legs: ZEKE gains an S-mine Launcher. Unlike Peace Walker, ZEKE launches its S-mines horizontally, making them more difficult to avoid.

[121] Rathalos Battle[edit | edit source]

Take the Battle Dress with Helmet, M47, Carl Gustav and your choice of another weapon (rocket launcher or machine gun probably best). You'll also need Rank 5 recovery items. If you have this equipment you'll find this battle quite easy. Each round from the M47 will take a life bar off Rathalos.

Rathalos attacks with charges, tail swipes, and aerial tackles up close, but can also attack at long range using fireballs as well. You'll be battling not only Rathalos but also the velocipreys that will knock you down quite often which makes taking shots at Rathalos a bit tricky. However if you've beaten Peace Walker Type II and Custom when you come to do this mission, you'll find it quite easy. If you've played Monster Hunter, you should have a good idea of what to expect.

Defeating it nonlethally with an S-Rank unlocks the Rathalos camo, which adds Rathalo's roar to CO-OPS messages; the roar forces enemies to cover their ears, immobilizing them for a short time. If you're lucky, you can get a Rathalos Wing, which unlocks the Tanegashima Musket development. Getting the wing appears to be random - however, with the Infinity Bandana and the M134 you can kill him in under two minutes. Rinse and repeat.

  • For non-lethal users take the Mosin Nagant and Mk22. Also take the stun grenade to knock out the Velociraptors. Just keep running and keep shooting at the Rathalos at the same time. The Velociraptors are pretty easy to evade so you won't have much trouble dealing with the big one. (Try bringing your supply marker because you're gonna need it unless you already have the bandana).

[122] Rathalos Twilight[edit | edit source]

Same as 121, only at night.

[123] Tigrex Battle[edit | edit source]

Use the same loadout as for 121, and the same tactics. Like before, you will be contending with Tigrex as well as Velociprey. Tigrex is way faster than the Rathalos, and attacks more aggresive, preferring to run its prey down with quick charges, bites, and tail swings; if you are too far away for it to charge, it will throw boulders at you. After sustaining a set amount of damage, it becomes enraged and greatly speeds up its attacks. To minimize the chances of this happening, try using non-lethal attacks.

If you trick Tigrex into charging into a rock wall, its jaw will get stuck, leaving it vulnerable as it tries to free itself (as was the case in Monster Hunter). If you can shoot Tigrex in the back, one M47 or Carl Gustav round will take two life bars off it. Defeating Tigrex might give you a Tigrex Fang, which is used to make the Pole fot Human Slingshot. Defeating it non-lethally with a S-rank grants you the Tigrex camo, which changes the roll into a charging attack with the ability to knock out enemies hit by the charge.

[124] Tigrex Twilight[edit | edit source]

Same as 123, only at night.

[125] Gear REX battle[edit | edit source]

Very similar to the previous missions. He has four main attacks: he'll shoot a laser from his sting - this might be a sweeping arc across the ground directly in front of him, or a beam that starts near him and homes in on your location; he also charges and sweeps with his tail. He releases barbs from his stinger occasionally that can stun you and leave you vulnerable for a while, so avoid those, and he also roars occasionally - you won't be affected by that unless you're pretty close.

To avoid the tail swipe, roar and close-range sting-laser, just run away from him. To avoid the longer rainge laser attack, it's best to run anti-clockwise, and slightly towards him (it turns and comes back around a little at the end of its range, so being closer to him helps avoid it on the way back), crouching at the end (the laser knocks you over if it hits you - crouching will slow you down a little, but will stop it hitting your head. To avoid the charge, try to be reasonably far away and always be running to the side with the camera facing him - he aims at your current position whenever he charges, so you'll already be moving out of the way. Most of the time, if you're reasonably far away from him when he charges, you won't even have to dive-roll to completely avoid his attack. If you run to the right always, you're already prepared for his long-range laser too.

Nonlethal killing is fairly easy; loadout with battle suit (helmet if you have it), M22 and Mosin Nagant. Aim for the head when you can (if he's facing you, it's easier - otherwise just pop shots off as fast as you can manage without missing loads) and follow the tactics outlined above and you'll be fine. With my Mk22 and Mosin Nagant at rank 5, I completed this mission in 6:27 on the first attempt without needing any recovery items or supply markers, even having missed a reasonable number of shots.

Defeating Gear REX with an S rank (by putting it to sleep with a nonlethal weapon) unlocks the Gear REX camo, which lets you steal Psyche from enemies when chocking them. In addition, defeating it in Extra Ops 125 or 126 can yield the Gear REX Mucus Rank 2 and 3, which is used to make the Band for Human Slingshot. On 127, this is replaced by the Gear Rex Concentrate (used for the improved Human Slingshot) and by the Gear REX Super Extract (for the final version of the Human Slingshot) in Extra Op 128.

[126] Gear Rex Twilight [edit | edit source]

Same as 125, but at twilight.

[127] Gear REX: Showdown at Crater Base[edit | edit source]

This time its attacks are a bit more deadly, and it seems a bit more resistant to damage. Try same strategy as you used on earlier Gear Rex battles.

[128] Gear REX Strikes Back[edit | edit source]

This time the mission is much, much, MUCH more difficult than the previous seven monster hunting missions. It takes more than one rocket hit to take a life bar off Gear REX, and each of its attacks can use up one of your recovery items. It's the most difficult op of the game, in my opinion.

Completing this mission allows you to develop the Cookbook, which is the monster equivalent of a magazine and can distract them.

Even with the Battle Dress with Helmet Gear REX's attacks are too strong to survive if your take too many. This uniform slows you down, so it's better to go naked so you can run faster and avoid the attacks.

Similarly, it's better to use weapons that don't have slow reload times and fire rates (like the M47, X-FIM etc.). Try the M134 and M202A1 instead, and keep pummelling REX with the Infinity Bandana equipped. Also, drop and activate supply markers when you can, so you have a supply of rations lying on the deck to just run over when you need them.

Try to run clockwise around Gear REX in order to avoid its attacks.

An alternate option to taking down REX is this: Wear a naked uniform, and bring along the bandana, Mk22 (the more upgrades the better), and stun grenades. REX has an easily exploited pattern, if you can just nail him with the first stun grenade. Back off, and pour him with Tranq Darts until he stops being stunned. At this point he'll do one of three things: Roar, Unleash more of his spikes, or charge. If he does one of the first two, continue to fire until he finishes, he'll charge you after. When he decides to charge you, just roll out of the way, and throw another stun grenade where you were(REX should be there now). He should get dazed. Continue to back away, pouring darts into him until he wakes up, and repeat for an S Rank. It's simple, but by the end your trigger finger should be tired (this took me about 8:30 minutes, and my index was starting to cramp up from the constant shots.).


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Extra Ops 128

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