Previous Zadornov Search Mission 5

Zadornov is hiding in a Love Box.

Activating the Last Main Op Edit

To activate the last Main Op, the following conditions must be met:

  • Your Intel Team level must be at least 40
  • Metal Gear ZEKE must be complete. If it's not, Battle Pupa (Pupa Battle) again to obtain parts if needed, but only Chrysalis (Chrysalis Battle) has the railgun, needed for activation of ZEKE. A good way to get the railgun is to equip a light machine gun (PKM or M60 for instance) and go all out on the left wing of Chrysalis (the wing opposite the railgun). This way you can be sure that the railgun won't be damaged by any splash damage one of your rockets might deal.
  • The second Mother Base plant must be developed

Once these conditions are met, play 1--3 Extra Ops missions to activate the final Main Op of the game. Once all the stars are in alignment, Kaz will call you to tell you that Zadornov has escaped again. There is absolutely no clue where to look for him. He's in Extra Op 001 (Target Practice). Choose Snake, go there, squeeze off a few rounds and then search upstairs.

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